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Financial Analysis

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The primary objective of natural resource production by private companies is to make a profit. In many cases a financial analysis of proposed projects by Lookout Mountain Analysis (LMA) helps identify areas of notable economic, environmental, or socioeconomic risks. Early identification of these risks means that concerned parties can most effectively work with officials and agencies overseeing projects to help mitigate risks.

Key Benefits

bulletEarly Project Viability Assessment.
bulletIncorporation of Risk Mitigation Policies Possible at Start of Project.
bulletPossible Early Identification of Excessive Project Risks that Cannot and Will not be Mitigated.
bulletMirrors the Same Financial Techniques Used by Energy and Mineral Project Sponsors.


Lookout Mountain Analysis and Dr. Goerold specialize in the financial evaluation of natural resource projects.

Dr. Thomas Goerold earned a Ph.D. in Mineral Economics, a field of economics that deals only with natural resource issues. He also holds an M.S. in Economic Geology.
Work Experience on Many Commodities
LMA has issued reports that use project financial analysis on proposed and actual projects that would produce coal, oil, natural gas, synthetic fuels, gold, silver, lead, copper, hydropower, and many other commodities.
Work Experience on Many Scales
Projects analyzed by Dr. Goerold for financial viability and risks range from a coal mine with less than $5 million in total project revenues to synthetic fuels projects valued in excess of $2 billion.

Examples of Project Financial Analysis

Powder River Basin Coalbed Methane Financial Model (PRB-CBM-FM): Revision of presentation to the University of Colorado, Natural Resources Law Center Coalbed Methane Conference, April 4-5, 2002.
Examines the financial viability of using six different water disposal options from the perspective of Powder River Basin coalbed methane operators.
Financial Analysis of the Proposed New World Project, with a Preliminary Calculation of Potential Buyout Prices
Calculates a total lifetime project value. This study led to a successful U.S. buyout of a gold and copper mine near Yellowstone National Park signed by President Clinton .
Financial Analysis of a Natural Gas Pipeline System in West Virginia and Virginia Proposed by Thornwood Gas, Incorporated
Shows the marginal profitability of a proposed pipeline project.
Quartz Hill Molybdenum Mine: Would Environmental Protection Price It Out of the Market?
Concludes that the proposed mine would be very unprofitable even without additional proposed environmental constraints. Mine would have been located within the borders of Misty Fiords National Monument, Alaska.
Preliminary Financial Review of the Proposed McDonald Gold Mine.
Study looks at the potential profitability of a proposed gold mine in Montana. The proposed mine would be sited on the Blackfoot River--locale of noted story, A River Runs Through It, by Norman Maclean. 

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