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Many natural resource projects are undertaken to fulfill perceived regional or national policy goals. In the abstract, these policy goals may be laudable. But, in many instances, the proposed government actions associated with policy may be unsuitable, misguided, or counter-productive. Some government policies may also be shown to benefit private interests more than public interests.

Key Benefits

bulletAnalysis of Suitability and Scope of Actual and Proposed Government Policies.
bulletExamination of Intended and Unintended Consequences.
bulletDiscussion of Benefits and Costs on Public and Private Sectors.


Dr. Goerold and Lookout Mountain Analysis have almost two decades worth of experience in policy analysis. The firm specializes in policies that affect energy, minerals, power, water, and other natural resources.

Public Sector Experience
Work experience with the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation gives a "hands-on" understanding of the public sector.
Private Sector Experience
Employment in the natural resource extraction industry, corporate consulting, and international environmental organizations gives inside knowledge of private sector.
Extensive Analytical Qualifications
Cost-benefit, regional economic and demographic, input/output, and programmatic analysis capabilities.

Examples of Policy Analysis

Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Planning Amendment for the Powder River Basin Oil and Gas Project by the Bureau of Land Management, Buffalo (WY) Field Office, and Comments on the Draft Statewide Oil and Gas EIS and Amendment of the Powder River and Billings RMP's--Bureau of Land Management and State of Montana. critical evaluation of plans for expansion of coalbed methane production in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana.

U.S. Oil Imports and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Technologies and Targets, a draft report that examines oil imports from some of our Western Hemisphere neighbors and details several enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies and domestic targets, March 2002.

Powerpoint presentation showing important relationships between potential oil production from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska and U.S. oil production and imports, March 2002.

A Brief Examination of the Adequacy of Future U.S. Natural Gas Infrastructure and Resources and the Role of Public Lands in U.S. Natural Gas Production.
Examines the U.S. natural gas resource base and projected production that may result from President Bush's energy policies.
Challenging the Economic Myths: U.S. Energy Policy and Potential Oil Production from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Gives a critical examination of the many claims made for potential oil production from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Alaska.
Comments on the merits of EPA’s economic analysis of proposed NPDES rules on the discharge of oilfield platform wastes.
Assesses the economics and financial impacts of proposed changes in oilfield platform waste disposal policies.
Royalty and Fee Provisions of S. 1126, A Bill to Provide for the Disposition of Hardrock Minerals on Federal Lands
Oral and written testimony before the U.S. Senate that examines different royalty and fee schemes' impacts on hardrock mining production from public lands. Currently, no fee is charged for firms producing hardrock minerals from federal lands.


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