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Environmental Impacts

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Most natural resource projects on federal or state lands require projects to have studies estimating the proposed project's environmental impacts. Examples of these types of studies are the Federal government's Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and Environmental Assessment (EA). 

During the environmental study period concerned and affected parties have their greatest opportunity for direct input on the proposed project. At no other time are natural resource projects subjected to greater public scrutiny and influence.

Key Benefits

bulletEarly and Effective Opportunity to Have Public Input and Influence
bulletLegal Hurdle that Project Must Pass Includes Public Comment
bulletOpportunity for Affected Parties to Interact with Government Oversight Agencies Such as EPA, National Park Service, Forest Service, and BLM and Project Sponsors


Studies of many different types of natural resource projects have given Lookout Mountain Analysis (LMA) a very effective knowledge base with which to critically evaluate environmental impact statements. Many times these voluminous documents contain buried gems. LMA knows what to look for and how to use it.

Clarity of Expression
Ability to explain technical scientific and economic terms in everyday language
More than 15 years of experience evaluating many types of natural resource projects.
Knowledge of Techniques
Familiarity of typical techniques used to assess economics of environmental impacts.

Examples of Environmental Impact Analysis

An Analysis of the Impacts of the Troy Mine, ASARCO, Inc., Lincoln County, Montana
A unique study that compares estimates of environmental impacts of the proposed mine with actual mine performance.
Thornwood Gas Project Environmental Response
Study critiques a proposed natural gas pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia. It was prepared for the Virginia and West Virginia Sierra Clubs and the Southern Environmental Law Center
Comments On the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and the Draft Socioeconomic Impact Assessment for the Proposed Alaska-Juneau Mine
A comprehensive assessment of the proposed environmental and socioeconomic impacts of a proposed gold mine in the Juneau, Alaska vicinity.


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