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Lookout Mountain Analysis can help you determine every proposed project's site-specific merits.

Key Benefits

bulletExplicit Study of Proposed and Actual Projects.
bulletAnalysis and Comparison of Natural Resource Production Benefits and Costs.
bulletDiscussion of Potential Environmental and Production Compatibility and Conflicts


Lookout Mountain Analysis has analyzed many aspects of minerals, oil, natural gas, and synthetic fuels, as well as industrial commodities--in times of scarcity and plenty. Almost twenty years of analytical performance has given the firm a long-term understanding of the private and public sectors that deal with these natural resource issues.

Private and Public Sector Knowledge and Experience
Dr. Goerold has worked in and for mining firms, government agencies dealing with natural resources, local government entities, and environmental organizations.
Business Cycles
LMA ha experience with the effects of very high oil and mineral prices as well as eras of energy and commodity price busts.
Different Commodities
Whether it is oil and gas, gold and silver, or rare-earth elements, LMA knows the companies and the agencies whose regulations impact the companies.

Examples of Site-Specific Analysis

Powder River Basin Coalbed Methane Financial Model (PRB-CBM-FM): Revision of presentation given to University of Colorado, Natural Resources Law Center Coalbed Methane Conference, April 4-5, 2002.
An Analysis of the Impacts of the Troy Mine, ASARCO, Inc., Lincoln County, Montana.
A ground-breaking study that compares the projected impacts of a Montana silver mine prepared before the project's opening with the actual mine's lifetime performance.
An Analysis of the Compatibility of a Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline Project with Historical and Current Economic and Demographic Patterns in Four Counties in West Virginia and Virginia.
Study scrutinizes the compatibility of a proposed natural gas pipeline with existing economic and demographic characteristics of the region.
Economic and Demographic Overview of the Four Corners States.
Report looks at many different quality-of-life indicators in each of the counties in the Four Corners states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah over a 25-year period.


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