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Lookout Mountain Analysis (LMA) can provide many services to aid in the evaluation of natural resource issues. Some examples of particular types of services are shown below.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis of the projects by LMA identifies areas of significant economic, environmental, or socioeconomic risk. If these risks are noted early, concerned parties have a greater chance of working with sponsoring companies and agencies overseeing the project to help mitigate these risks.

Policy Analysis

Some large natural resource projects are undertaken to fulfill regional or national policy goals. While these policy goals may be laudable, in many instances the proposed government actions associated with these policies may be viewed as misguided or counter-productive. In some cases the government policies may be shown to benefit private interests more than public interests.

Site-Specific Analysis

Throughout the U.S. there are many projects designed to produce natural resources on public lands. These production activities may be relatively compatible or at odds with conserving other natural values on the same public lands. LMA can critically review these projects to determine their full merits and impacts.

Environmental Impact Analysis Critiques

Most natural resource projects on federal or state lands require environmental impact studies. Federal examples of these types of studies are the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and the Environmental Assessment (EA). 

At no other time are natural resource projects subjected to greater public scrutiny than during the environmental evaluation stage. During the environmental report preparation period concerned and affected parties have their greatest opportunity for direct input and influence.

Socioeconomic Impact Analysis Critiques

Natural resource projects on public lands can have wide-ranging impacts on the communities nearby. Project boosters often cite the potential benefits of these activities such as job creation, tax payments, and infrastructure creation. Potential negative impacts are not always given the same scrutiny as project benefits. Examples of some of these project impacts are in-migration of unsuccessful job seekers, increased traffic, and other demands on rural infrastructure. 

In most instances socioeconomic impact reports are required from natural resource project sponsors. LMA can critically evaluate the expected positive and negative impacts from the perspective of locally affected communities and helps ensure that the proposed project receives a balanced evaluation.

Expert Witness Services

In venues ranging from courtrooms and lawyers offices to Congressional hearing rooms LMA provides expert opinions. The firm has extensive professional expertise dealing with many topics ranging from valuation of energy and mineral properties to the structuring of comprehensive and reasonable bonding requirements. If LMA does not have the appropriate expertise the firm can usually find ones that do through its extensive network of natural resource experts. 

Other Services

Lookout Mountain Analysis has capabilities in addition to those cited above. For example, one LMA project assesses the adequacy of the U.S. oil and gas resources under different price and cost assumptions. Other assignments have projected residential vacancy rates and home prices in the vicinity of a proposed mine and examined the supply and demand of some commodities to determine whether the price might be expected to rise or fall--a critical determinant of a proposed mine's future profitability.


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