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Socioeconomic Impacts

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Supporters of natural resource projects on public lands often cite the potential benefits of these activities. Most commonly mentioned benefits include job creation, tax payments, and infrastructure creation. 

As a rule, the firm seeking to exploit the resources supplies the funds and oversees the preparation of required socioeconomic impact studies. Because of the dual roles of project sponsor and manager of socioeconomic impact studies, the report may not be completely objective. Lookout Mountain Analysis reassesses socioeconomic impacts from the perspective of the existing residents of the area, not from the perspective of the proposed energy or mineral producer.

Key Benefits

bulletReassessment of existing reports of socioeconomic impacts from current residents' perspective.
bulletCritical examination of job, tax, and other impacts often touted by proposed natural resource producers.
bulletAnalysis of positive and negative changes resulting from project.


Wide-Ranging Knowledge
Familiarity with many different socioeconomic impact analyses covering diverse natural resource projects.
Analytical Skill
Ability to examine the crucial assumptions and methodologies that lead to socioeconomic impact report conclusions.
"People Skills"
Skill in working with diverse clientele ranging from grassroots and community groups to professional and scientific organizations.

Examples of Socioeconomic Impact Critiques

An Analysis of the Impacts of the Troy Mine, ASARCO, Inc., Lincoln County, Montana
A very detailed comparison of the impacts projected by the mining company in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) with the actual lifetime-of-the-mine performance. This study also gives a comprehensive view of the mine and the community through a 20 year period.
A Critique of Existing Socioeconomic Impact Reports Evaluating the Proposed Crandon Zinc-Copper Mine, Wisconsin
Looks at the projected impacts of a base-metal mine near an important watershed for Native Americans in Wisconsin. Study reveals a likely underestimate of the impacts to the community from in-migrating unsuccessful job seekers.
An Analysis of the Compatibility of a Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline Project with Historical and Current Economic and Demographic Patterns in Four Counties in West Virginia and Virginia
Examines a natural gas pipeline and its projected impact on a region of Virginia and West Virginia. Prepared for the Virginia and West Virginia Sierra Clubs and the Southern Environmental Law Center.


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