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Mineral Projects

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Selected Minerals-Related Projects

bulletAn Analysis of the Impacts of the Troy Mine, ASARCO, Inc., Lincoln County, Montana, prepared for Rock Creek Alliance.

A ground-breaking study that compares the actual lifetime performance of a silver-copper mine in Montana with the projected environmental and socioeconomic impacts from the final EIS. This report can be used as a template for critically evaluating current EIS report adequacy. Dr. Goerold presented the findings of this study to the Commissioners of Sanders County, Montana in a session and that also partially broadcast on National Public Radio (NPR).

bulletPreliminary Financial Review of the Proposed McDonald Gold Mine, prepared for the Blackfoot Legacy.

Reveals that the financial viability of the mine is dependent on high to very-high future gold prices. Currently, the project is on hold.

bulletA Critique of Existing Socioeconomic Impact Reports Evaluating the Proposed Crandon Zinc-Copper Mine, Wisconsin, prepared for the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin.

This report shows that the proposed mine's negative socioeconomic impacts could be interpreted as overly optimistic. In particular, the impact study likely overestimates the number of high-paying mine jobs that would be drawn from the existing local labor pool.

bulletThe Crown Butte Agreement: An Examination of the Proposed New World Gold Mine Land Exchange, prepared for the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and presented to the Annual Meeting of the Mineral Economics and Management Society.

Calculates the entire lifetime value of a proposed gold-copper mine just outside of Yellowstone National Park for purpose of government purchase. President Clinton signed papers that transferred ownership of the proposed mine to the U.S. in 1996.

bulletDeclaration on the Merits of a Valuable Mineral Discovery at the Montanore Mine, Montana, prepared for the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund.

Declaration in a court case that discusses issues surrounding the legitimacy of mining claims comprising a silver-copper mine in a wilderness area in Montana.

bulletQuartz Hill Molybdenum Mine: Would Environmental Protection Price It Out of the Market?, presented to the Annual Meeting of the Mineral Economics and Management Society.

Report shows that a proposed mine located within Alaska's Misty Fiords National Monument is uneconomic under all studied scenarios. No mine has yet been developed at this site.

bulletEconometric Modeling of the Projected Impact of the Alaska-Juneau (A-J) and Kensington Gold Mines to Property Values and Property Taxes for Single-Family Homeowners in the City and Borough of Juneau, prepared for the Southeast Alaska Natural Resources Center.

Shows that the projected opening of two gold mines in the Juneau, Alaska region would likely result in an initial rapid escalation in home values and property taxes followed by an equally quick decline. Largely because of relatively low gold prices the mines did not start production.

bulletRoyalty and Fee Provisions of S. 1126, A Bill to Provide for the Disposition of Hardrock Minerals on Federal Land, oral and written testimony presented to the U.S. Senate by Dr. Thomas Goerold

Testimony to the U.S. Senate that advocates major reforms to the 1872 Mining Law, including royalty payments to the government from hardrock mine operators on Federal lands. Currently, hardrock mines on most Federal lands still are not required to pay any royalties for their extraction.

bulletMining and the California Desert, and Rare Earth Minerals, Superconductivity, and the California Desert, presented at the Bureau of Land Management's California Desert Mineral Symposium.

Presentation to a professional audience explaining the minimal impacts to California's mineral industry from new protected areas in the state's National Parks. The California Desert Protection Act later passed, enlarging the Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks and creating the Mojave National Preserve.


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